Why worship/praise

Why take time out of your week/weekend to worship/praise your creator? Can’t you do that from the comfort of your bed or over the newspaper or at the golf course? At the golf course you are with other like minded folks just as at church! So why go to church?

If you truly, truly think about it, an intelligent being had to be in charge at the beginning of time. Look at yourself! Marvel at how each part of your body works together. Look at a plant and how each leaf and petal is integral to the whole. The sheer precision of everything! Look at how each thing, including humans, have a place in the world. It could not have been an accident or evolution. It had to have been planned. As such, don’t you think the creator of you and of all things, seen and unseen deserves your respect  and love. We believe that this creator is God.

What is worship/praise?

God created us and loves us no matter what. If you woke up today, if you are breathing, it means that you matter to Him. He wants us in communication with Him. Worship/praise is one part of that communication.


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