What to expect

Coming to a new church can often be an overwhelming, stressful situation. Relax! At Woodmar, you will find a welcoming group of people from all walks of life, just trying to live out Jesus’ love for one another. We tend to have a “Come as you are” attitude. Married or single, gay or straight, piercing or tattoos, suit and tie or jeans, shorts and T shirts, all walks of life are welcome here.

We try to live as Jesus did. We try not to judge, that is for courtrooms. We try not to have prior expectations of you, nor should you of us. We are human, just as you. We are not perfect either. We hope to help you find healing for the soul. We hope to help you feel part of something greater than just being one person alone.  If you have a gift or talent, share with us. We will share with you.

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