Thoughts from a Healthcare Professional

Dear friends,
Our church, our country, and the world, is facing a difficult situation, and we are all trying to deal with it the best we can. Many of us are working from home. Others are not able to work. Fear abounds. My first thought is: Who knows how many times Jesus said “Fear Not”? How many times are those words in the Bible? I do know that I have been focusing on them. So, what to do? We must stay positive. The birds are singing, daffodils and spring flowers are popping up, the days are getting longer. We will get through this. Most importantly, we must pray.
One of our members works in healthcare. Below are her words. 
“We are all just trying to get through this. And we will. 
Healthcare workers need your prayers most of all. We do what we do because we have been called to care for others but we also know that our passion sometimes means we forget to care for ourselves. I cannot think of a greater “tangible” way to help than to pray for us. 
Pray for guidance and strength to walk this unknown path minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. 
Pray for our hands to be as gentle as our hearts. 
Pray that we make choices grounded in facts and not fear. 
Pray for our own continued health so we can care for those in need. 
Pray for understanding for our families who send us off to work (sometimes more than one family member at a time) knowing the outside risks but possibly unknowing of the inner joys that await.
And mostly, pray for our world that we may face this crisis as a whole community and let it not splinter, divide and defeat us one by one.
Thank you Esta for your leadership
Prayers for our beautiful church family”
Well said. Thank you.
God bless​.
Stay safe.
Nancy Tatum
Woodmar Administrative Assistant