Paws 4 Peace

Visiting Hartsfield Village

We are a group of pet owners committed to meet the needs of our congregation and our community. Scripture reminds us that human beings are given dominion over all the animals of the earth, meaning that God has challenged us to take care of them. Scripture also tells us that God expects that we will care for one another whenever and wherever possible. With these directives in mind, Paws for Peace is striving to serve God by providing grief support for those who have suffered the loss of a pet, honoring the memory of pets through memorial services, sharing our pets with residents of nursing homes, hospitals, and hospice. Additionally, we support NWI Humane Societies by holding drives for pet supplies and office supplies as well as other services and events.  

Paws for Peace members take their pets to visit residents at Hartsfield Village on various months.  Our next visit date is yet to be determined due to the current pandemic.  Please call the office [(219)844-3030} or email if you are interested in becoming involved or have new ideas for us!