Sunday School 9 AM

Good news! We have a team of 10 servants willing to teach Children’s  Sunday School and Children’s Church!  Children’s Sunday School is at 9AM in the Preschool/Childcare wing (1st door on the left) and Children’s Church will begin immediately following the Children’s Moment in worship. Please pray for the teaching team and our children. There […]

Fall is Approaching!

Fall is approaching! It is time to register your child for Community Preschool and Childcare! If your child is between the ages of 30 months and 5 years, this is your opportunity to register him/her for Preschool and/or Childcare! Don’t miss out. This is not a babysitting service. Your child has the opportunity to learn! […]

Summer Math!

Some of our new young friends are experiencing summer math! They are keeping their learning fresh for when school starts up again this fall. Mr. Tom is helping them. But wait! Look at the pictures. Is Mr. Tom counting on his fingers?? No, can’t be! The children do look like they are having fun, don’t […]

More from “Shipwrecked”!

I cannot tell you how much fun everyone has been having! You would just have to experience it yourself! Oh, wait, you can! This Sunday morning the children will be leading us in worship! That should be a wonderful experience!

Woodmar Celebrates Graduates

This last Sunday, Woodmar celebrated its graduates. These young people have completed a milestone in their lives and are moving on in life. Woodmar members prayed over them asking God to guide them on their paths.

Are You A Bored Senior?

It is summer! Are you bored yet? If so, join our Sonrise Seniors group!!! They meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the church at 10am! There is time for games. Bring a sack lunch and enjoy the fun and laughter!

Community Yard Sale

This past Saturday Woodmar held our first Community Yard Sale! We all enjoyed ourselves and meet many members of our community. We hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves and found or sold new treasures!